NPC Bikini Comp Training – Week 4 Update

NPC Bikini Comp Training – Week 4 Update

Week 4 has been tough! Read about my meltdown, and the lessons I have learnt so far in my NPC bikini competition training.

OK let’s begin with week 3. You are all probably wondering where is my week 3 update. Unfortunately, my laptop died and it took my week 3 video with it lol. However, I’ll be honest, there really wasn’t much to report on my progress for the NPC bikini training in week 3 so you didn’t miss out on much.

Week 3 recap

I added spinach to my egg whites, woo-woo how exciting! not really…LOL

I’ve increased my treadmill settings for my cardio workout – I’m now doing 10%incline & 3.2 speed for 45 minutes 5-6 times per week.

All round, I felt really awesome during week 3, I didn’t have any cheat meals & I stuck to my plan for the whole week.

Week 4 Meltdown

I noticed that I started to feel super exhausted really quickly when I started working out, literally within 15 minutes I felt out of breath and frequently wondered how I was going to make 45 minutes on the treadmill, with my workout afterwards. I didn’t listen to my body, I just kept going. (big mistake)

Secondly, I started to notice my mindset and my memory wasn’t running 100%. I noticed that I couldn’t really think clearly and my memory wasn’t sharp like it normally is. I was craving carbs too, and salmon! I had a mini meltdown, called my best-friend & she reminded me that my hormones were probably starting to act up with all the diet/exercise changes. She was right!

I recalled my trainer telling me that I needed to be aware that I would be going through some mood swings and hormonal changes throughout my training. I never gave it attention because I didn’t think it would be that serious, I was definitely wrong about that!

I did the right thing and took the night off, called my Nana in NZ and got myself grounded. The next day I decided to eat salmon even though it wasn’t on my diet (salmon is good for you but very high in fat) I’m so glad I ate it, literally within 4 hours I noticed my mind was clearer and I felt so much better!

NPC Bikini - Gina Training

After my meltdown, I hit the gym for the rest of the week and decided to make a few adjustments to my diet, basically ensuring that I get all the nutrients and vitamins that I need to get through this training! Anyway, I’m glad its passed, and I feel so much stronger now with is awesome.

Week 4 stats

Waist 28.5 in (lost 1.5 since starting)

Thigh 21.5 in (no real change but definitely starting to see muscle definition)

Bicep 11 in (.5 change – noticing difference when I flex -haha)

Hips 34 in (no change)

Chest 30 inch (2 inches lost since day 1)

Bust 35 inch (no real change)

Weight – 63 kgs/138.8pounds (fluctuates daily) started at 64.4kg

The beginning of Week 5

I am feeling really positive and physically strong, we are off to Mexico for 6 days at the end of the week so I am going to take some protein with me just in case I can’t find any where I am staying. We have a fitness center at our hotel so I’ll be continuing my workout regime.

Looking forward to giving you an update at the end of the week, hopefully it is better than week 4! 🙂


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