NPC Bikini Comp Training – Week 2 Update

NPC Bikini Comp Training – Week 2 Update

NPC Bikini Comp Training – Follow my progress as I train for my first professional bikini competition here in the USA. This week I talk about my challenges, having a few cheat days & how I’m feeling so far in the training.

Week 2 Overview

This week has been a real challenge. I had a few technical issues with my business this week which resulted in late nights and understandably, being under a lot of pressure. I had a few cheat days and indulged in a few glasses of rosé and totally blew one day by having 6 glasses of prosecco!

I didn’t beat myself up! I continued on with my training and kept my momentum high. I think that’s the important thing when you are going through challenges, is to remain focused on your end result and not get too distracted by falling off the bandwagon.

Adjusting to my new training

I have had to make a few adjustments to my training, my cardio has intensified so I’m on a higher incline and faster pace, so by the time I have done 45 minutes I definitely feel like I have worked out! 

Eating 6 meals every day has been too much, so I reviewed it with a local personal trainer and he said that I was probably eating too much protein on a daily basis. which makes sense! Once my metabolism increases, I know I’ll be craving the 6 meals but in the meantime, I feel good with 5.

I’ve never been one to count my calories, which has definitely been an adjustment. It’s made me reflect on my diet in general and how much better I am starting to feel now. I’m definitely starting to feel a lot stronger in my body which is helping me stay motivated.


Here are my stats as of the 19th of June (2 weeks in)


Date: 1/06/2017 9/06/2017 19/06/2017
Bust 36in 35in 34.5in
Chest 32in 31in 31in
Waist 31in 29.5in 29in
Hips 34in 33in 33in
Thigh 22in 21.5in 21.5in
Upper Arm 10.5in 10.5in 10.5in
Weight 64.4kg / 141.9p 63.5kg / 139.9p 63kg / 138.8


Week 3 Focus (bikini comp training)

My focus for my bikini comp training this week will be to maintain consistency in my eating and training. Last week, I forgot to eat a few meals and had a few cheat days so there will be zero cheating this week! Now that I am starting to feel stronger I will continue to push myself at each workout session.

Other than that I’m feeling motivated and excited as I progress. Chat to you soon!

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